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As a developing country that is primarily composed of thick jungles, impassible rainforests, and steep mountain valleys, Belize is not always the easiest country to navigate with a wheelchair. Nonetheless, there are a lot of exciting things to do and see for individuals who rely on wheelchairs for mobility.

Roam Belize has a selection of exciting activities and guided tours that are accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs.

One of the most popular tours for individuals with mobility challenges is a visit to the Belize Zoo. Despite its name, the Belize Zoo is less an exhibition of exotic animals and more of a rescue center. First founded in 1983 to take care of injured and orphaned animals, the Belize Zoo has grown to become an important educational center, teaching locals and foreigners alike to appreciate and care for the country’s highly diverse population of birds, amphibians, and mammals.

The Belize Zoo was the first 100% wheelchair-accessible facility in the country. All 29 acres of the Zoo can be explored on a wheelchair, and the zoo is now home to more than 125 different animals, all of which are indigenous to Belize. The Belize Zoo also rehabilitates injured animals, later releasing them back into the wild.

Other wheelchair-friendly tours in Belize include visiting the ancient Maya site of Altun Ha in the Belize District. Belize has a plethora of ancient Maya cities to visit thanks to the country being the epicenter of the ancient Maya civilization.

Other options for visitors who use wheelchairs include boat safaris along the well-named Monkey River, exploring the Musem of Belize in Belize City, zip lining (flying through the air while attached to steel cables), and cave tubing, the uniquely Belizean sport of using a canoe or inner tube to float down vast underground rivers.

There’s also plenty to do and see in Belize’s towns and villages, including learning more about the various cultures that call Belize home, national holidays and celebrations, food festivals, music festivals, street parades, colorful open-air markets, and lively karaoke venues where the singing lasts until dawn. 

In Belize, there’s plenty to do and see for travelers who use wheelchairs!

Roam Belize also rents cars and can provide private ground transportation to and from any destination in the country, including Hopkins Village, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal (located just across the border in Guatemala). Roam Belize has a fleet of spacious vans that can easily accommodate wheelchairs.

We recently had the opportunity to meet Dedorah Davis  and quickly became friends. This beautiful and courageous lady was a true inspiration and an absolute charm to spend the day with.

Since that day, we’ve been working hard to improve and develop some new wheelchair friendly tours to offer to the public! Send us an an email at info@roambelize.com to find out more about our wheelchair friendly Tours in Belize!

We will take care of everything from entering the van, during the tour until you return back to your room with amazing memories of Belize!!


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