Garifuna Cultural Immersion Tour

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Tours takes place at Palmento Grove in Hopkins, a small family run lodge that offers a unique opportunity to learn and interact with our local Garifuna people and immerse yourself in the impressive masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity as declared by UNESCO – it promise to be a memorable experience of true cultural enrichment. The tour starts by getting dressed in our traditional Garifuna clothing, we then get to prepare some delicious Hudut – which is an important traditional dish for the Garifuna people because it represents their love for the sea and living on the coast. The entire process is fun, interactive and hands on, it includes everything from husking your own coconut fresh off the tree, prepare you OWN coconut milk and peal plantains and fish to later enjoy an amazing meal! After lunch you get to learn about Garifuna drumming with one of the most experience drummers in the village. There are many different genres of music within the Garifuna music spectrum including traditional drumming, Punta, and Paranda – you get to learn and enjoy all of them, singing and dancing to a unique beat that awakens your soul!


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