Living Mayan Experience Tour

Per Person


This tour starts with a visit to the Mayan village of Big Falls to experience for yourself how the ancient people of this region lived in tune with the environment. This tour offers you a fascinating glimpse into a fast disappearing world in which the local Kek’chi Maya depended upon the jungle for everything they need. From food, building materials, furniture to medicine even musical instruments. You will experience how the Mayan lived fifty years ago before the modern world began to impinge. Come, learn, prepare your traditional Mayan meal and enjoy a cultural experience you will not soon forget.

Tour begins with the Mayan Home demonstration being the first, this include the history of the Mayas, the display of a Mayan home setup, grinding corn and cacao, drinking authentic chocolate drinks, receiving a mayan blessing and baking corn tortillas. Followed by the outside trail tour (seeing and getting to know about the traditional plants, herbs and spices) and lastly sitting down to a locally made Mayan meal.


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