Navigate through Belize with a Car Rental

Explore Belize with a Car Rental

Whether you want to go deep in the jungle to explore Mayan temples or drive to a luxurious spa, you’ll love the freedom of exploring Belize by car. By Central American standards, Belize roads are a pleasure to traverse. The main highways are paved and have signs in English to help you get where you want to go.

American drivers should find getting around Belize relatively easy. All you need is a valid US driver’s license. Although the country was colonized by the British, they drive on the right side of the road. Distance is measured in miles, not kilometers. 

What you won’t experience while driving in Belize is traffic jams. You also won’t see a lot of traffic lights. Instead of stop lights, many towns cities opt to control traffic by placing speed bumps. To make renting a car easy, Roam Belize will even deliver your car to you if you want. The vehicles in their fleet are all designed to give you a safe, comfortable ride. 

Perhaps the hardest part about traveling around Belize is deciding where to go. Start with a good map. The time of year that you visit will in part determine where you can go. If you rent your car from Roam Belize, the friendly staff will be more than happy to give recommendations of places to go and areas to avoid. They also operate tours, so are well versed in the best places to go.

Renting a car is the most convenient way to visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve. Public transportation can get you close, but you’ll still have a 5-mile walk from the drop-off point. Once at the sanctuary, you can pick up a detailed pamphlet and take a self-guided nature walk. Hiking in this 150 square miles of rainforest can lead you to swimming holes, waterfalls. You can also take treks to see birds and other wildlife. 

If you want to experience local culture, you can drive to several villages that are true to their traditions and heritage. With a rental car, you can plan your own route and stay as long as you like in each spot. 

Whatever activity strikes your fancy, renting a car in Belize is perhaps the best way to get there. You’ll have the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and to leave when you are ready. Belize is a gorgeous country, and if you’re really lucky, you might even spot a jaguar.

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