Belize City to Placencia / Getting To Placencia from the Belize International Airport

Getting To Placencia from Belize City or the Belize International Airport

Belize City to Placencia

Once you’ve arrived at the docks in Belize City or the Philip Goldson International Airport just outside of Belize City, you have a number of options to get to your final destination, including popular resort areas like the Placencia Peninsula.

The easiest, most comfortable, and convenient option is to rely on shuttle service provided by Roam Belize. A locally-owned and operated company, Roam Belize has a large fleet of modern vehicles and professional, licensed drivers. Roam Belize’s shuttle service can pick you up at the airport, docks, or anywhere in the country to provide door-to-door service to any location in Belize.

Placencia Belize

Located in beautiful southeastern Belize far from the maddening crowds of popular tourist destinations like Ambergris Caye and Caulker Caye, the Placencia Peninsula features 16 miles of pristine beaches with a wonderful panorama of the Caribbean Sea.

Popular for its authentic, laid-back charm, Placencia is rapidly becoming a top attraction thanks to its strategic location close to the world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and fishing of the Belize Barrier Reef as well as many of the most popular tours on the mainland, including hiking through the trackless wilderness of the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve.

The village of Placencia at the southern tip of the peninsula serves as the area’s unofficial capital. With a motto of “barefoot friendly” and a four-foot-wide sidewalk serving as the village’s “main street,” Placencia is a great place to enjoy a meal of fresh-caught seafood, shop for souvenirs, sip on a locally-grown coffee or juice, or equip yourself for a diving or snorkeling expedition to the nearby islands of the Belize Barrier Reef.

Getting to Placencia from Belize City

Placencia is a principal beach destination in Belize and has land, sea, and air connections. However, the easiest and most popular way for visitors wanting to know how to get to Placencia is by ground transportation. The village lies approximately 160 miles from Belize City. Roam Belize’s signature shuttle service will ensure that you travel from the Belize Airport to Placencia in comfort and style.

Domestic Flights from Belize City to Placencia

There are approximately five flights daily connecting Belize City to the Placencia Airstrip. Operated by two different local Belizean airlines, these early morning or late afternoon flights aboard a small Cessna (9-14 passengers) aircraft last about 40 minutes. Although costs vary, the average price for a one-way adult ticket is approximately $130 BZD.

ROAM BELIZE offers a shuttle service from Belize City to Placencia. For more information about the cost and how to get from Belize City to Placencia, do not hesitate to contact ROAM BELIZE.

Shuttles & Transfers from Belize City to Placencia

ROAM BELIZE offers their convenient shuttle service connecting Belize City and Placencia. Shuttle trips run every day connecting Belize City and Placencia Village. Located at a distance of approximately 160 miles, a one-way journey lasts about 3.5 hours. Aboard the modern and comfortable shuttle, passengers will enjoy one of the most scenic drives in Belize, as the road winds through gorgeous mangrove forests, lush coastal views, all with plenty of local color on display.

For more information about our shuttle service from Belize City to Placencia, do not hesitate to contact ROAM BELIZE.

Taxi from Belize City to Placencia Village

Despite the long distance (about 160 miles), it is very easy to hire a taxi to transport you from Belize City to Placencia. Taxi prices fluctuate on availability, but a good negotiator can usually haggle a competitive price. Thus, we recommend that you choose Roam Belize for a more reliable and cost-effective option.

Private Car/Van Transfers to Placencia from Belize City

ROAM BELIZE is happy to facilitate your convenient transfer to a private car or van. Several companies offer private vehicle transfer services in Belize City, San Ignacio, and Placencia. ROAM BELIZE is more than happy to work with you to make your transfer as quick and comfortable as possible, all for the best rates around.

Renting a Car in Belize

Many visitors enjoy exploring the abundant tropical scenery in Placencia and the rest of Belize by private car. For guests with accommodations outside of Placencia Village, renting a car is usually a smart choice. Several companies are more than happy to rent vehicles at the Belize International Airport in Belize City and the Placencia Airstrip. While prices may vary, the average cost is about $100 to rent a quality modern car.

A far more economical and convenient option is to take advantage of the ROAM BELIZE shuttle. We are more than happy to take you anywhere in the country, including to the gorgeous beaches of Placencia and Hopkins in southern Belize.

Bus from Belize City to Placencia

Two companies offer inter-city bus service connecting Placencia and Belize City. For visitors arriving in Belize City in the morning, the second bus of the day departs from Belize City at around 1:00 pm. The first bus departs early in the morning, making this option unavailable for most international visitors wanting to transfer directly to Placencia. Most bus routes last around five hours, and feature numerous stops.

A far more convenient option is to choose the reliable and professional shuttle service offered by ROAM BELIZE.

For more information about our shuttle service between Belize City and Placencia, do not hesitate to contact ROAM BELIZE.

Belize City to Placencia Shuttle Testimonials

“Last year, we spent our Christmas vacation in Belize, booking a full seven days at a lovely resort in Placencia. Everything was arranged but we weren’t sure how to get to Placencia, Belize, and whether to fly or drive. In the end, we went with Roam Belize’s shuttle service. Their driver  picked us up at the airport in a brand new spanking clean vehicle and the drive was simply lovely. We rode in air-conditioned comfort and it was both cheaper and more pleasant than flying in some cramped puddle jumper.”

-Donald Lightfoot, Las Vegas, NV

“I’m one of those people who likes to plan everything ahead, so when we decided to visit Belize, I did all my research before even buying the tickets. We heard great things about Placencia but I knew the plane landed in Belize City so my concern was how to get from Belize City to Placencia. I ended up contacting Roam Belize and was very pleased by the very friendly customer service. The driver was there right on time and everything went very smoothly. Very happy with Roam Belize!”

-Rachel Holley, Livonia, MI

“My wife is afraid of flying so I knew we needed some form of ground transportation during our vacation in Belize. I didn’t want to bother with the hassle of renting a car, driving on the right, and the high price of gasoline etcetera so I went with Roam Belize. They were just as advertised – clean, modern van and a professional driver who filled us in on all the best stuff to see and do. Definitely would choose Roam Belize again.”

-Paul Hicks, Hollywood, FL

Getting To Placencia Village from the Belize International Airport or Belize City

Getting To Hopkins Village from the Belize International Airport or Belize City

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