Belize Zoo


The Belize Zoo: Best Little Zoo in the World!

Founded in 1983 as a temporary shelter to rescue animals, the Belize Zoo has since blossomed to become the country’s premiere wildlife educational center. Located about a half-hour drive from Belize City, the Belize Zoo is a 29-acre facility that is home to over 125 animals, all of which are rescued members of species indigenous to Belize.

The country’s first wheelchair-accessible facility, the Belize Zoo operates a Tropical Education Center to teach more than 68,000 locals and visitors annually about the important roles that wild animals play in the environment of the country. All animals in the facility were either orphaned, rescued, rehabilitated, or born on site. One animal currently in the spotlight is Chiqui, a tiny jaguar cub who nearly had her short life come to an end when she was found drowning in a stream.

More than 150 species of mammals live in Belize, but many of these are nocturnal and difficult to see in their native habitat. One of the reasons why the Belize Zoo is so special is that it gives people a chance to see and learn about these species, including peccaries (a kind of wild pig), deer, coatimundis, and spider monkeys.

Visiting the Belize Zoo is a great day trip to fit in after adventures elsewhere in the country on your way back to your hotel or resort in Dangriga, Hopkins, Placencia, San Ignacio, Cayo District, or right before you board your flight at the Belize City International Airport. Roam Belize offers shuttle service to and from anywhere in the country, including Mexico and Guatemala, and will be more than happy to take you to visit the Belize Zoo.

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Belize Zoo Tour Testimonial

“When I heard ‘zoo’, I was expecting a few animals in cages or something. Boy, was I wrong! I took my family to the zoo, and my kids were absolutely delighted at getting a chance to see Fuego the Tapir, Panama the Harpy Eagle, and especially Junior Buddy, an adorable jaguar. We were all very impressed by the layout of the place, and it was great to see people rescuing animals and teaching kids and adults about the importance that these creatures play in the wild heritage of Belize. Definitely recommended!”

-Judy Gascon, Bedford, Massachusetts



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