Explore the Hidden Beauty of Belize with an ATV Adventure Tour

The jungles and rainforests of southern Belize are incredibly beautiful, but the rugged landscape makes it difficult to access much of this region. But with an ATV tour, visitors have the opportunity to reach some of the most untouched and pristine areas of the country.

ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles are durable four-wheeled vehicles that are simple to operate. Their rugged design allows visitors to ford rivers, cross fields, and access remote areas where normal cars or SUVs cannot go.

Here are some of the top ATV tours you can enjoy in Belize:

Davis Falls and Lynam Prison

Davis Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, but it’s almost impossible to get there with a car. This ATV tour includes a fun seven-mile (11-km) ride through the countryside, including fording seven different rivers. The tour also includes a stop at Lynam Prison, once the home to Belize’s most violent criminals. Today, the prison is abandoned and is slowly being reclaimed by the surrounding jungle.

Jungle + Zipline

Few experiences can compare to exploring the hidden reaches of the jungle by ATV. After a fun ride through some citrus orchards, the tour continues deep into the jungle where you’ll see an incredible diversity of plants, birds, and animals.

This tour can also be combined with a stop at a zipline, allowing participants to gain a bird’s eye view of the jungle as they sail through the canopy along a series of steel cables.


After a fun ride through the remote wilderness in Belize, this tour includes an exciting spelunking adventure in a dry cave system. Once used by the ancient Maya for religious ceremonies, these caves are natural wonders filled with twisting passages and glittering stalactites.

Value Pack

The ultimate ATV tour, this package includes a fun ATV ride across a citrus orchard and several rivers, a stop at a local village, a visit to a botanical garden, and the chance to explore a mysterious cave.

Nighttime Adventure

Approximately 80% of the wildlife in the jungle is nocturnal, so the only time you’ll get a chance to see these amazing creatures is on a nighttime expedition. This tour includes an ATV ride through an orchard, a nighttime hike through the jungle, and a visit to a haunted cave.

If you’re interested in an ATV tour of Belize, make your reservation today with Roam Belize.

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